Why You Need to Quit Being So Accommodating

Why You Need to Quit Being So Accommodating


You pride yourself on being a nice person, right? You try to help people out whenever you can. You certainly don’t want to be an ogre who says no, or do you?

The Man Who Couldn’t Say No

A 1922 article in The American Magazine tells the story of a man who was in danger of following in his father’s miserable footsteps by saying “yes” to everyone except those who mattered most. Thankfully, he learned this truth before it was too late:

People never trust an accommodating man with important things.

Are you being nice to people you barely know in lieu of those you love? Are you doing everything for everybody except what you’re being paid for? What is it costing you?

Have an Inspired Day by only accommodating your own people.

Everyone should take care of all their own people. Most important, they should take care of their own family. If they do not do that, then they do not accept what we believe. They are worse than someone who does not even believe in God. (1 Tim 5:8, ERV)



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